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One of the middle east’s leading automotive service business operators, linking strong supply chain synergies, high levels of customer service, quality parts and technical excellence we have been able to build a profitable business of scale. With operations split between roadside assistance, workshops, car leasing and parts distribution we have a diversified business model that generates both revenue and profit in a competitive market


With interests in many sectors from high quality interior design items and bespoke furniture to clothing, sportswear and sporting goods we have a mature interest in taking advantage of market demands in both mature and developing retail markets. Using established brands and new to market manufacturing techniques we aim to stay in the leading pack of retail operators.

Food & Beverage

From fast food outlets to supply chain management for catering businesses, we have experience in many food and beverage areas. With a passion for quality and high levels of customer service our solutions are designed to meet and exceed the expectations of our business and retail customers. Whether it be franchising of existing global brands into new markets or development of new brands into mature markets, we are extremely viable partners in this arena.


Operating across both software and hardware fields we are developing solutions for our own business and also that of others, our technology team are working to bring innovation to the market in areas that will have a direct impact on businesses and the consumer. Advertising and marketing technology is advancing at a strong pace and hardware needs are as demanding as ever, we aim to be part of this revolution, always working to offer the best and latest breakthroughs to our customers and investors.


Highlighting investment opportunities in developing markets is our strength, working with local talent and expertise to identify the available areas for investment growth. Identifying viable partners with local knowledge and influence we can arrange for investors to work on projects that can deliver high levels of returns